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Li Quandisa, the mysterious goddess of beauty and desire – hidden and nurtured in every woman.

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For the past few years, a European based company, founded by sisters Tamara and Sara, has been active in the field of medical supplies, and along with an intense collaboration with several gynaecologists, they have become even more aware of the modern-day related problematics where 75% of women occasionally face, some difficulties in their intimate area even on a regular basis. Wanting to give hope to the women, 2016 saw the creation of the first nourishing intimate oil LI QUANDISA by LUXURY INTIMATE which is becoming a synonym for natural intimate care and is a step forward in nourishing and maintaining the health of our intimate area. We see our purpose in raising awareness of girls, women and men on the importance of care and protection.

We're proud to bring intimate wellness into the spotlight and continue to break down the stigma and stereotypes around nurturing our most intimate body parts. With our plant-based and pH balanced intimate products, we want you to get the best care of your intimate areas.


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